Paula Abdul is behind schedule on crazy

I was shocked — SHOCKED, I tell you — that Paula Abdul acted a little bit nuts on Tuesday night.

It was hard to believe it took her this long. Usually, the “American Idol” judge has done something a little bit nuts long before the 16th week of the season.

If you missed it, Abdul offered her critique of Jason Castro’s second song before he sang it.

Perhaps the explanation for part of this bizarre behavior came a few weeks ago in Carmen Rasmusen’s “Idol” column here in the Deseret News. She wrote that judges attend the dress rehearsal and “are there taking notes about what to say during the live show.”

Abdul was obviously fumbling with her notes on Tuesday. Why, exactly, she couldn’t remember what she’d seen during the rehearsal and what she’d just seen on stage . . . is a question only she can answer.

I’m not holding my breath, however.

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