Seen and reviewed (May 30)

New films in theaters this week: –“The Fall” (rated R), a visually arresting, adult fantasy starring Lee Pace. — “Forever” (not rated), Heddy Honigsmann’s documentary about France’s Pere-Lachaise cemetery. — “Sex and the City” (rated R), the movie spin-off from … Continue reading»

Trekking on . . .

Among the notable losses in the past couple of weeks were veteran film and television director Joseph Pevney and composer Alexander Courage. Die-hard “Star Trek” fans may recognize both names. Pevney, who died May 18 at age 96, directed 14 … Continue reading»

"Galactica" geek-out

By your command, “Battlestar Galactica” fans, the Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group has announced that it will market full-size replicas of the Cylon Centurions. You know, the menacing robots from both the original series and the (much improved) remake that’s … Continue reading»