American Idol

I can’t stand “American Idol.”

I don’t like it because it is a slap in the face to those bands and singers who sing every night in smokey clubs, in less than desirable conditions. Sometimes an artist’s real passion comes alive when there are no bright lights and make-up artists trying to enhance his/her image.

I don’t like it because of the judges. You can’t tell me that Simon, Paula and Randy, out of all the music-business types in the world, are the best three music aficionados on the scene today.

I don’t like the fact that a comment from a judge can make or break a vote. Those three have to know the power they wield. If Simon criticizes a singer, you can bet that the singer’s fans will rally and vote to show Simon wrong. (And I’m sure Simon knows that).

Now, I want to clarify that I’m not against any of the singers who have appeared or won on “American Idol.” I’m just saying I don’t like the show.

And, lastly, the fans do get carried away.

One year, when the “American Idol” concert came to Salt Lake City, I was told I was going to interview Constantine Maroulis. Yes, that’s right. I couldn’t choose. I was basicially assigned.

So, when the interview story printed, I got (and this is no exaggeration) more than 200 emails slamming me for favoring Maroulis. I HAD NO CHOICE!

When Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson came to town during another concert, I reviewed the show and said I felt Clay had the better set. Well, the hate emails came in, and I even got three death threats.

At any rate, I’ve told you all why I don’t like “American Idol.”

Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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