An "Almost Famous" Spider-Man?

While last year’s “Spider-Man 3” was a financial success (the movie made $300 million in the United States alone), it wasn’t particularly well-received. That hasn’t stopped Sony Pictures, which has the rights to the Marvel Comics property, from wanting to rush a fourth Spidey adventure into production.

One complication — neither director Sam Raimi nor star Tobey Maguire are sure they want to return. Raimi is already lining up movie projects that include directing the horror film “Drag Me to Hell,” while Maguire is allegedly involved in a possible movie project based on the “Robotech” cartoon.

So it’s no wonder that rumors are already popping up about possible replacements for Maguire. And one of them is a Utah product, 25-year-old actor Patrick Fugit (“Amost Famous,” “Wristcutters: A Love Story”).

Like Maguire, Fugit has strong independent-film roots and is allegedly a comic book fan. He’s also shown he can be every bit as likable as Maguire.

If Maguire doesn’t return, other rumored substitutes are Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Angarano (“The Forbidden Kingdom”). Who would you like to see put on the red-and-blue . . . or black-and-white . . . tights?

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