A Coen brothers classic under the stars

The Sundance Institute’s 2008 Outdoor Film Series kicks off Friday with a screening of the 1987 comedy “Raising Arizona,” which stars Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter as bungling baby-nappers.

Showtime is at dusk, and the film will be shown at the Park City Park. It will also be repeated Monday at the Gallivan Center and Wednesday at the Sundance resort in Provo Canyon.

Though the child-kidnapping aspect is in arguable bad taste, “Raising Arizona” is a low-key delight, and is one of my favorites of the Coen brothers’ many movies. The film series will run through August, and upcoming features include “The Iron Giant” (July 18 in Park City, July 21 in Salt Lake City and July 23 in Provo Canyon), “Tootsie” (Aug. 1, 4 and 6) and “The Straight Story” (Aug. 22, 25 and 27).

Call 435-658-3456 about the film series and other Sundance Institute productions and programs.

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