Pundits get it wrong, wrong wrong!

To promote the upcoming second season of “Dog Town,” the National Geographic Channel showed TV critics clips of various TV news pundits declaring unequivocally that the canines who were part of Michael Vick’s dog-fighting operation would have to be destroyed. That they couldn’t possibly be rehabilitated.

Soooooo, how many of the 22 dogs sent to the Best Friends shelter in Southern Utah — animals that the alleged experts said would have be killed — have been euthanized?


“At this point in time, we’re still working with them,” said John Garcia, the lead trainer for the Michael Vick dogs. “And a majority of the dogs — every single dog, actually, that came to us — is making a lot of improvement. And it’s just a matter of time before the ones that we can adopt out will be in great loving homes like they deserve.”

Do you believe all the “experts” we see on cable news every day?

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