When bad Will Smith movies make money …

Despite some pretty withering reviews, the Will Smith superhero movie “Hancock” continues to rake in the bucks at the box office. Over the weekend, the film made $33 million, raising its haul to $165 million.

However, the movie finished second in that three-day span to the comic book-based sequel “Hellboy II: The Golden Army.” That follow-up to 2004’s “Hellboy” grossed $36 million and got considerably better reviews. It is doubtful it will reach “Hancock’s” heights, however.

And speaking of poorly reviewed movies, the Eddie Murphy vehicle “Meet Dave” tanked. Its $5 million opening weekend means it may be his biggest bomb since 2002’s “Pluto Nash.”

Still, it’s unfortunate that “Hancock” has been rewarded for its cinematic incompetence.

Which of this summer’s hit has been your least favorite so far?

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