"Wicked" tickets

I get asked this a lot these days: “How can I get tickets to Wicked?” “When are tickets going on sale?” “How much are they going to be?” “How can I get the best seats?”
Here’s what I know:
Right now, you can only get tickets to “Wicked,” which will be here April 8 – May 3 at Capitol Theatre, if you’re a season ticket holder. Season ticket holders get first dibs on extra tickets.
That means if you wants seats – today – you’ll have to buy season tickets. The rest of the season, by the way, includes: “The Rat Pack,” “Ain’t Misbehavin’,” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”
For the rest of us, single tickets won’t go on sale until closer to November. (Christmas shopping anyone?)
As for price, it’s a pretty big range. It’ll be anywhere from $50 to $100+ That’s better than most of us expected, however, and it’s still cheaper than flying the family to L.A. or NYC.
I have no idea how crazy it’ll be when they finally open up single-ticket sales, but I’d brace yourself for some long waits in line.
I feel like I should come up with some “Defying Gravity” reference… or something about “Popular,” but that all seems so obvious.

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