To the Movies!

I don’t want a ton of tv… at least that’s what I claim. I probably watch more of it than I realize.
At any rate, there are two commercials right now that I want to yap about.
Having seen “Dark Knight” the new Batman movie, I felt a little uneasy with a Domino’s Pizza commercial. It shows the pizza delivery gal being chased and eventually showing up at the door to deliver pizza. When the door opens, there are two men standing there with Joker masks on. If you’ve seen the movie, perhaps you know why it’s unsettling. The Joker isn’t a very nice man (to say the least) nor is anyone associated with him. I sat there waiting for the two men to kill the poor delivery girl. Perhaps Domino’s didn’t seen the movie first?
In the category of commercials I like: Sonic Drive-In. They have a new spot out for their Banana Split Blast. There is a couple in the car and the man is trying to get the woman to say “Bananas.”
He says, “You’re driving me …”
She looks blankly at him and says “Cup?”
They go back and forth, his frustration growing and then he says “You’re driving me…”
She gleefully yells, “To the movies!”
I don’t know why… but I love it. I stop and watch it every time it’s on.
Has it made me go buy a Banana Split Blast?… No. But now that I mention it….

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