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Music, as all of you know, is a very important part of people’s lives. Whether someone likes classical, rock, country, jazz, pop, R&B or folk, the music becomes part of a person’s identity.

And people are free to chose which artists or music they like or dislike.

So, it shouldn’t surprise me when one little comment sets off a firestorm of arguments and animosity. But it does.

Take Journey for instance. When the band changes its lead singer, there are usually a slew of comments about whether or not he is as good as so-and-so. The arguments then escalate to the point that it becomes not about the singer, but personal attacks on people who prefer one singer over another.

In recent Deseret News stories about Journey, the commenting got really bad. One poster likened the squabbling to fans of “American Idol” — who are so loyal to their favorite contestants that, in their eyes, all the others stink.

What also amazes me is the fact that those stories ran weeks ago and yet people are still posting comments.

I know that a person does identify with his or her favorite singer, or type of music. But with all the people attacking each other over something like music, I can understand why world peace is, at the moment, impossible to reach.

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