Metallica's new single is a disappointment

I just heard the new Metallica single, “The Day That Never Comes.” I found it at this link:

It’s not a good mix. But that’s not why I don’t really like it.

It just sounds like the band is going through the motions. The arrangement lies in the “One” vs. “The Unforgiven” mode, without those songs’ innovative freshness.

And James Hetfield’s vocals at the beginning sound too much like the vocal quality on the band’s albums “Load” and “Reload,” which, to me, are not the best Metallica albums in the catalog.

However, Kirk Hammett’s guitar solo sounds pretty decent. In fact, any guitar solo after the solo-less “St. Anger” album (which I did like) is cool.

Still, with all the waiting and suspense, the new song stream is a letdown.

Now I don’t want the band to remake “Ride the Lightning” or “Master of Puppets.” But in interviews, drummer Lars Ulrich and Hetfield have said producer Rick Rubin wanted them to remember what it was like making those albums and capture that excitement.

It seems the excitement has gotten away from them.

I know there are a lot of people who are going to hate me for my comments, but I’ve been a Metallica fan since I heard a “No Life ‘Til Leather” demo back in 1982.

And I’ve followed the band through its career — celebrating when “Kill ’em All” was released in ’83; crying when bassist Cliff Burton was killed in the tour-bus accident in ’86; rejoicing whenthe “Garage Days Revisited” extended play was released in ’87; loving “And Justice for All” in 1988, but worrying about the 1991 self-titled album because it was filled with shorter, more radio-friendly songs and then not liking ’96’s “Load” and ’97’s “Reload” because they sounded wimpy and contrived.

When “St. Anger” was released in 2003, I was one of those who liked it because it was brutal, angry and technically sound.

So waiting five years really boosted my expectations. And when I found the band recruited producer Rick Rubin, I have been waiting with baited breath for nearly two years.

But now I can only hope this song was only a rough cut demo.

I expect a lot from the band because I know it is capable of a lot. And this scares me.

The album “Death Magnetic” is scheduled for release on Sept. 12. I hope it’s better than what this single suggests.

What do you think?

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