Metallica is back

Hey everyone.

I just heard the new Metallica CD, “Death Magnetic,” in its entirety.


The band has created a incredible piece of work that is filled with in-your-face delivery and face-melting musicianship.

My adrenaline is still surging through my veins.

From the opening track, “That Was Just Your Life,” to the frantic dynamics of the closing track, “My Apocalypse,” the album doesn’t let up.

While I still have a problem with “The Day That Never Comes” — I just feel it’s out of place within the brutal and concise delivery of the rest of the album — the other songs, including “Judas Kiss,” “Unforgiven III,” “Cyanide” and “All Nightmare Long,” more than make up for the lull.

“Death Magnetic” rules! There is only 53 days until Nov. 3 when the band plays the EnergySolutions Arena. You can bet you life that I’ll be there.

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