Honestly, people

With haunted house season in full swing (in fact, I think many opened weeks ago) I got to talking with a friend of mine who worked in one for many years.
“Did you scare people?” I asked.
“OH YES!!!!!!!” She responded.
Then she went on to tell me the only bad part was when people brought their kids to the haunted houses.
“Yeah … can you believe that? We had a guy in the first room who would get down on their level and lift up his mask and say, ‘You’re going to be seeing a lot of scary-looking people here. If you get scared, just say ‘Boo'”
She went on to say that all these kids — and she meant little kids — would be so teary-eyed trying to say the word ‘boo’ to the crazy idiot with a chain saw.
What?! Who are you people?! Why on Earth would you torture your children that way?
I’m sorry, but I just don’t think children need images of killers, decapitations, blood, guts, death, etc.
I think we need to leave that kind of thing to teenagers and older.
No wonder kids have nightmares.

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