TV lessons

So, I’m a little embarrassed.

In the frenzy of finding all sorts of theater stories to cover, I sometimes forget that I have a blog that I should be maintaining. I’ve had a couple of friends — some politely, some not so politely — bring my out-of-date blog to my attention. Luckily, I always have a thought or two swimming around in my head… so here goes.

Things I’ve learned from trashy television:

Since my last (old) blog was me admitting all the shows I’m trying to follow (in case you forgot — it was eight), I thought I’d do a followup.

The first casualty is “Pushing Daisies.” I love it, but I’m just not keeping up on it, so I shall erase it from my ‘record’ cue.

I’ve discovered that, even trashy, guilty-pleasure TV can have a message — really.

“Desperate Housewives”: It’s good to apologize. That’s one thing the housewives do and do well … probably because they get so much darned practice.Each and every time they’ve screwed up, they’ll basically always swallow their pride, approach the other and apologize. Good lesson.

“Grey’s Anatomy”: It gets really, really boring if all you ever do is talk about how your gorgeous, brain surgeon boyfriend isn’t good enough,and how hard it is for you to be happy. Really, boring … Hopefully you’re not boring your friends with this problem.

“Dirty, Sexy, Money”: Money corrupts.It just does.My other lesson? Even though a newsperson … someone like…. oh … say … Dan Rather … may have done plenty of interviews and host plenty of debates, that doesn’t mean he’ll be good at acting like he’s moderating a debate.

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