Seen and reviewed (Oct. 24)

New films this week:

— “Boy A” (rated R), a dramatic thriller/mystery, based on a real-life British murder case.
— “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” (rated G), a cinematic spin-off from the mega-popular Disney Channel films.
— “Pride and Glory” (rated R), a long-delayed, cops-and-crooks thriller starring Edward Norton and Colin Farrell.
— “Saw V” (rated R), the latest installment in the inexplicably popular, “torture-porn” movie series.
— “Trouble the Water” (not rated), a Hurricane Katrina recovery documentary, shot from the perspective of survivors.

Predictably, “Saw V” was not pre-screened for critics in most markets. Its audience doens’t really pay attention to such things anyway.

And “Pride and Glory” borrows so heavily from earlier, better crime thrillers and is so mean-spirited that it becomes a chore to watch — despite its good cast.

The story-thin “Senior Year,” which was shot at Salt Lake’s East High School, will probably please its target demographic and those who already love the concept. But it’s not likely to win over any new converts.

“Boy A” is well-acted and has a powerful, sucker punch of an ending. However, it is extremely R-rated, at least in terms of language.

So is the week’s best movie, “Trouble the Water.” While its makers are students of Michael Moore, they never inject themselves into the story and are surprisingly even-handed in their treatment of the material. It’s strong, even disturbing stuff.

Which, if any, of these movies figure into your weekend plans?

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