What caller am I?

I spent the past five years doing morning radio, which I loved

Since I was working in the business, I was never able to listen to other morning radio shows. Now that my day starts a few hours later (no more 3:30 a.m.!) I tune in and station-flip on my way to work.

One thing remains painfully clear — callers, WAKE UP!

Nothing annoyed us more in the studio than lame callers with no enthusiasm, no energy and no excitement when they won a prize.

DJs are counting on you to help make things fun in the morning. Don’t make them work so hard. Not to mention, every person listening in their car thinks you’re a moron, at best, and at worst, they’re mad at you for winning something you don’t seem to care about.

Here’s a little tip: When DJs are looking for contestants, they’re looking for someone with a spark — someone who is awake, is smiling and sounds ready to have fun. Be that person and you’ll increase your chances of being chosen and winning.

If you’re not that person, or you’re not in the mood, please don’t waste everyone’s time by calling in

Wake up and have fun!

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