Band anniversaries

I just got a notice saying that the ’80s metal band Keel will reunite for the first time in 20 years, to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Is it possible for the band to celebrate its 25th anniversary, when in reality it was only together for five years?

My thoughts about this are the same as they are about marriage. How can a couple that got divorced after five years of marriage get back together after 20 years of living separate lives, and then say they are celebrating their 25th anniversary?

I guess it’s possible. But for me, in order to celebrate an anniversary, a couple needs to be together for the entire amount of time, without any separations or divorces — or in Keel’s case, disbandment.

Furthermore, Keel vocalist Ron Keel, guitarists Marc Ferrari and Bryan Jay, drummer Dwain Miller, along with bassist Geno Arce (Ron’s long-time bandmate), haven’t played together — or even separately — as Keel since 1989.

So, the question remains: Is it possible to say the band can celebrate a 25th anniversary when in reality, there hasn’t been a Keel in the past 20 years?

At any rate, the members of Keel are planning to reform and then perform Jan. 31, at Hollywood’s the Knitting Factory.

By the way, there are only two bands that come to my mind that have been together without any line-up changes in their entire recording careers and are still touring and recording. Those two bands are ZZ Top and U2.

ZZ Top’s discography, from “First Album” to “Live In Texas,” features the same three guys — Billy F. Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard.

And in 1980, U2 officially released its debut album “Boy.” The line-up was vocalist Bono (Paul Hewson), guitarist The Edge (Dave Evans), bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen Jr. Today, the band is still those same four guys and is still recording and touring.

ZZ Top and U2 never had to have a reunion because they never broke up. Nor have they had to replaced any members. Therefore, these two bands can say they celebrate honest anniversaries, unlike the contrived one for Keel.

So, in my eyes, these two bands can have honest anniversaries.

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