Seen and reviewed Dec. 19

New films this week: — “I’ve Loved You For So Long” (rated R), a dramatic mystery starring Kristin Scott Thomas. (French with subtitles)— “JCVD” (rated R), a fictional comedy-thriller starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as himself. (French with subtitles)— “Seven Pounds” … Continue reading»

New Gaynor Brunson news

Gaynor Brunson, of the nationally known Brunson Brothers group, performed earlier this week at Franklin Elementary School in Provo. The jazz trumpeter visited the school’s sixth-grade classes and performed a few holiday songs from the new Brunson Brothers CD, “‘Tis … Continue reading»

Seen and reviewed (Dec. 12)

New films this week: — “Azur & Asmar: The Princes’ Quest” (rated PG), a digitally animated fantasy from France. (Dubbed)— “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (rated PG-13), a remake of the classic, 1951 science-fiction thriller. Keanu Reeves stars.— “Delgo” … Continue reading»