Too many choices

I’ve lost the ability to buy toothpaste.

When did this get so difficult — have you tried it lately?

Recently, I’ve gone in the store and stood in front of the section for an eternity… trying to figure out what on earth to buy.

There really are too many options… which I think is becoming an interesting problem in this country, in general. Truly, how many types of one product do we need?

There are pastes for whitening, tartar control, sensitive teeth… Advanced whitening, cavity protection and baking soda…. Advanced clean, advance fresh extreme clean. We can choose pastes, gels or stripes . . . now in myriad
flavors. Cinnamon, orange, wintergreen ice, green tea extract. And for us mint lovers … that’s not easy, either. There’s mint, mint tea extract, pure peppermint, spearmint, citrus clean mint, vanilla mint, strong mint, mild mint.

How does anyone choose?

Last time I went, my sister was with me. I stared at the toothpaste box, investigated it, studied it, examined it looking for what it was I was actually buying.

Exasperated, I said. “This isn’t gel, right? I’m not buying a gel?”

“No. It’s not a gel, it would say so.”

So, I bought it. Well guess what? It was a gel, which personally, I don’t care for. I suffered through that tube and finally got to replace my toothpaste.

Again, I stood there, staring. I do like whitening … but my teeth are a touch sensitive, too … and tartar control sounds important … but mostly I don’t want a gel.

What did I end up with? Part gel, part paste, part orange, part mint! Honestly! I have two college degrees, you’d think I could figure this out.

I just want good ol’ fashioned mint toothpaste. Is that too much to ask?

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