It's true what they say

This is the first Christmas we’ve had with our daughter old enough to sort of participate. At 13 months, she’s toddling all over the place and talking up a storm (a trait I’m sure she gets from my husband).

One of the packages my in-laws sent included some spices they’d inadvertently picked up from our kitchen the last time they visited. (They do most … no, pretty much ALL of the cooking when they’re here.)

So, we sat down, after the gifts were opened, to put together Baby Love’s toys. She had a new stroller and something that lights up, sings and spins, and a couple of other odds and ends.

But true to form – from everything we’ve heard – her favorite toys were the half-empty spice bottles. She was delighted with them! With one in each hand, she’d toddle over to the stairs, climb up to the landing, leave a bottle there and come back for another. So entranced was she by the spice bottles that I sat there playing with her new Brightlings toy by myself.

My husband worked on correctly placing the plastic support beams on our daughter’s stroller for her dolly. When he was about 2 minutes from clasping on the final noisemaker, I put her dolly in a decorative gift bag . . . just to buy us some time.

Needless to say, our daughter was only interested in walking around with her dolly in a bag. No need for a stroller or any other such shenanigans. Just the dolly in a bag… oh, and a half empty bottle of dried onion flakes.

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