Utahns on "The Real World": Episode 3

This week we are led to believe that Utahn Baya Voce-Hoffman, 21, might be in love with one of her housemates, Ryan. Although she insists she’s not. But she sort of seems like she might be. Maybe.

“I cannot believe how much Ryan reminds me of every kid that I have grown up with in Salt Lake,” Baya says, confusing local viewers.

Baya herself notes that she and Ryan “get along really well.” The ever-eloquent Ryan, for his part, says, “She’s cute. She has a rockin’ body.”

Except that he already has a girlfriend. And Baya is put out when Ryan tells her that.

“There is nothing between Ryan and I sexually,” Baya insists. Just before they go pole dancing together.

“Ryan and I definitely flirt. It is what it is. It’s kind of ridiculous, but, whatever,” Baya says.

Ryan sends her an e-mail that she’s “totally” his type, but “not right now.”

“I have zero clue how to react to that and maintain a normal friendship,” Baya says.

And the music swells …

Elsewhere on this week’s episode:

— We learn that girls are impressed when Utahn Chet Cannon, 23, takes off his shirt. Nobody, however, is impressed by his “fauxhawk” hair style.

— Chet REALLY wants a TV hosting job. He interviews for a job interviewing bands on the website www.friendsorenemies.com, which apparently goes well. Because if you go to the website, you can find Chet there.

— Baya, when she doesn’t want to be a dancer, wants to be a deejay. Although that job is “totally intimidating.” So maybe she wants to be a music-video dancer.

— Chet, the Mormon boy, gets bleeped in this episode for his apparent use of the f-word.

— We continue to get more clues about Chet’s apparent lack of success with women. He tries to put the moves on Alex, the model friend of housemate Scott, but she brushes him off.

“I could really see myself taking her out on a date. I could definitely give her two weeks. I would give her two weeks,” Chet tells the camera, proving once again he’s not exactly ready for a mature relationship.

Stay tuned …

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