Vacation vacancies

Wow, my apologies for no recent posts. I went on vacation last week, and in the crunch to get everything finished before I left town (isn’t it amazing how much work it is to get away from it all?), I overlooked the need for a new blog.

So, here’s the deal: After a week in Maui, it’s a bit tough to find the motivation to write about theater openings, closings and auditions. Don’t get me wrong, I love the job, and if I have to come back from vacation to a job, I’m thrilled that it’s this one. But, regardless of where I’ve gone or how long I’m gone, it’s always tough to get back in the swing of things (especially when it begins with scraping my car and unfreezing my car doors). You understand, right?

Here’s what I propose: Vacation time should include 1.5 days of less-than-great work performance. Could we arrange that? So you’d put in your vacation request, then the company would acknowledge that the first 1.5 days you’re back in the office, doing much more than rifling through e-mails, just isn’t likely. Kind of an ‘ease you back into work gently’ approach.

Sounds like such a friendly work environment, doesn’t it?

Of course, having said that … I think that’s probably what most companies expect anyway. Today I’m feeling a bit more like myself and, if I could quit eating these macadamia nuts, I might just get something done!

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