Love for music

Wednesday night I attended the Avenged Sevenfold concert at the E Center.

Next to me was a 9-year-old boy named Taylor. And I’ll tell you, the kid knew all the words to every A7X song the band played.

He screamed out the lyrics in perfect unison with lead singer M. Shadows. He knew all the vocal nuances and quick-timed pauses. The boy also knew when to bang his head or throw out his arms.

It was clear to me that he loved the band and loved being there with his older brothers.

I turned to my friend and said, “See this boy next to me? That was me 30 years ago.”

I love music. I love people who love music and don’t care who knows it.

When I watched Taylor banging his head, I knew the feeling. And I was back in my room cranking up the Styx, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Journey, AC/DC, Cream, the Who and Yes, to name just a few.

Here’s some knuckles to you Taylor. Long live Rock!

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