Utahns on "Real World: Brooklyn": Episode 4

As we hit the fourth episode of “The Real World: Brooklyn,” the two Utahns continue on divergent paths.

Baya Voce-Hoffman is barely on the show; Chet Cannon is the sometimes obnoxious comic relief.

Seriously, Baya is only seen encouraging Chet to call a girl and encouraging Devyn before she went to an audition.

As for Chet, if he wasn’t such a goofball, he might be utterly insufferable. But the goofball thing keeps him from being a total jerk.

Not that he doesn’t try sometimes. Like when Chet instigates a conversation with Sarah about abuse.

When she offers the opinion that she wouldn’t want to have anything to do with someone who abused her, Chet asks the jaw-droppingly insensitive question, “So, you hold grudges?”

And it gets worse. After Sarah says, “My father hurt me very bad repeatedly,” Chet goes into orbit with insensitivity.

“Do you not believe in forgiveness?” he asks. “All I am saying (is) if you truly forgive, you have to go on. So keep those people close to you.”

That launches an emotionally wrenching sequence in which Sarah talked about being abused by her father. The story is somewhat unclear, but it is obviously very painful for her.

“Immediately, my heart just goes out to Sarah,” Chet says, changing his tune completely.

A big chunk of this week’s episode is devoted to Chet panting after Alex the Model. And, somewhat surprisingly, he actually talks her into going on a date with him.

“I can tell she’s very sexually attracted to me. And that’s natural,” Chet says, displaying astonishing and hilarious self-confidence. “But I think she respects my dating parameters, so I really don’t think she’s going to cross the line.”

While multiple references are made to Chet being Mormon, his standards aren’t mocked so much as he is looked upon as being, well, a goofball. Like when he insists he’s not dating Alex just after he’d been out on a date with her.

“Yeah, I want to marry a Mormon girl. But, you know, I’m definitely not out here to find my eternal companion,” he says, later adding, “I just don’t think people understand me. We’re on two different levels.”

Chet seems to be on two different levels all by himself. At the same time he is all about his no-sex-before-marriage standards, he spends no small amount of time talking about sex. He even makes a shockingly crude suggestion to Sarah.

He then goes on to say: “I want to have sex. But, am I going to do it before I get married? No,” Chet says. “But it’s hard. It gets harder every day.”

And he promises to call Sarah and tell her what his first experience is like.


Stay tuned . . .

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