Utahn on "Survivor: Tocantins": Week 2

Tyson Apostol didn’t play into this week’s “Survivor” much, but that’s a good thing. Because contestants who do get a lot of screen time are, as often as not, in danger of being voted out.

And, while Tyson’s tribe lost the immunity challenge, he was never appeared to be in the slightest bit of danger of being eliminated. The Utahn ended up going with the majority in a 7-1 vote to oust Candace.

Coincidentally, it was Candace who was on the receiving end of Tyson’s rapier-like wit early in the episode. When she talked about wanting steamed sea bass with all the trimmings, Tyson said, “We could find most of that stuff.”

“Are you serious?” Candace asked.

“No. I lied straight to your face and you ate it up,” Tyson says.

Um, ha, I guess.

Although his tribe didn’t win, Tyson played well in the weird, violent water basketball game. And, given that his tribesmate “Coach” is ticking people off, he looks safe for a while.

Although you never know, what with all the intrigue that goes on when a tribe has to vote somebody out.

“This is just the beginning,” Tyson says with a laugh.

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