You Wore WHAT to the Oscars?

I love watching award shows. But by and large, I’m frequently underwhelmed.

Have you ever sat on your couch watching these people with all the money in the world and thought, “You have all the money in the world and you chose THAT?!?!”

Come on Jessica Biel!! Really!? Ms. Biel is known for her hot bod and super-nice backside, and THAT’S what she chose?! Of all the dresses she tried on… that is the one that made her go “Oh yea…. Perfect! This is perfect!”

Maybe when you finally make it big, you lose your sense of…. taste?

On that note, I was surprised, and again, underwhelmed with how much blah-black and terribly blah-beige (and other similar blah hues) were out there on Oscar night.

Tan, silver, grey…. I just long for the days actresses dared to wear RED or anything with some color.

Angelina Jolie, in all boring black (with nice green earrings) stood there looking uber-boring and uber-bored. SO hard to be Ms. Jolie, I guess.

I thought Natalie Portman’s dress, a beautiful pink, flowy-feminine number was exquisite, and her up-do was lovely, too.

I’m always hoping Penelope Cruz will put red against that lovely complexion of hers. But she was quite pretty in her vintage gown.

I also enjoyed seeing some color on “Slumdog Millionaire’s” Frieda Pinto — She is so stunning it would be hard to screw that up anyway. But bravo to her for wearing some color.

Another stand out was Viola Davis in her beautiful gold gown.

So… for this season… The Fashion Oscar goes to Natalie Portman, I think, who captured all Hollywood glamour, femininity and a yes, a bit of color.

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