Utahn on "American Idol": Will Corkrey make the finals?

The fate of “American Idol” hopeful Megan Joy Corkrey of Sandy is in the hands of viewers, but the show’s judges gushed all over her on Wednesday night.

Corkrey’s quirky performance of Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On” had Paula Abdul saying, “I heart you,” and Simon Cowell declaring, “I hope, actually, that America votes for you because I think you do stand out.”

Corkrey, who hasn’t been seen on the show for more than a few seconds since the Salt Lake auditions episode, was re-introduced in a filmed piece with her 2-year-old son. “It’s really, really hard to be out here without him. It’s rough,” she said. “I want to be able to give Ryder the things that he needs in life.”

And, despite some rather odd dance moves that almost looked like nervous tics, her vocals and appearance made a big impression on the judges.

“I got to tell you, tonight you picked the right song,” Abdul said. “You’re just beautiful to look at. The camera is in love with you. You’re interesting. You’re relevant. You’re hip. You’re cool. You’re beautiful. You did everything right.”

“You’re a funny little thing, aren’t you?” Cowell said. “I mean, you look gorgeous. I thought it started off really well. And then, maybe ’cause you got over-excited, you over-sang the second part of the song, where it started to become a bit shouty.”

“I sort of think I rocked that part,” Corkrey shot back.

While Cowell said he wished her “vocals were a little better,” the judges all sounded like they expect Corkrey to make the Final 12.

“I’m interested to see you in the other rounds with this whole kind of voice thing,” Randy Jackson said. “Because I love the tone of your voice — this whole kind smokey, jazz thing.”

“You’re what we call a package artist,” Kara DioGuardi said. “You’re very pretty. You stand out. You’re unique. And, with the right song, you could be a breakout hit artist on the radio…. With the right video, you could be very viable in this market.”

The results of Wednesday’s voting will be announced Thursday (7 p.m., Fox/Ch. 13). The top male and female vote-getters will advance to the finals, along with the next-highest vote getter regardless of gender.

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