Utahns on "The Real World: Brooklyn": Episode 8

For the second week in a row, Chet Cannon looked pretty much reasonable and in the right. Although that’s not necessarily saying much, given that the girls living in the “Real World” house are slobs.

This week’s episode focuses “sort of like this girl-vs.-boy thing,” as Baya Voce-Hoffman put it. Although her contention that, “The arguments that are happening aren’t that important,” is, well, a matter of opinion.

And any reasonable person would be unhappy living in the filth created by Katelyn, Devyn and Sarah, who are obnoxious, inconsiderate and disrespectful. If you’ve ever lived with roommates who are slobs, you know how awful it is.

Chet, who gets more than his share of screen time because he’s articulate and funny (albeit sometimes unintentionally), says, “I’m surprised that they even flush their own toilet and wipe their own a–.”

(That expletive gets on the air, but even MTV has to bleep Chet a couple of times.)

Baya actually gets to be on this episode several times, and she’s by far the most reasonable, least offensive of the girls. But there is that moment when she lies to JD’s face, telling him she “loves” his plan for a job chart and then dissing him behind his back.

And then there’s the moment when she refers to “all seven of us” in the house. (Count again, Baya. There’s eight of you this season.)

The boys-vs.-girls contretemps reaches a crescendo. Chet blows a gasket because the girls keep leaving the car with no gas in the tank, which leads to yelling, screaming and JD breaking a table and a phone.

While Devyn, Katelyn and Sarah want to avoid talking about any problems in the house — probably because they know in their hearts they’re wrong — Chet offers these words of wisdom:

“Problems aren’t solved when you just kind of hide ’em under the rug. They just build up and then you have all this pent-up anger. One day … top’s going to blow.”

And, after things do blow up, Chet is philosophical once again:

“I’m tired of the fighting. And I’m just hoping that everyone can be the friends that we once were and just move on with life. Life’s too precious. Everyone of us is going to cross one another at one point or time, but we just need to let it go.”

Wow. Way to go, Chet!

Chet does, however, have a couple of Chet moments in this episode. Like when he and Ryan act like giggling 12-year-olds during the filming of a webisode about how to carve a turkey. (They turn everything into a sexual joke.)

Or when he does a little happy dance when Scott hiding of the car keys to punish the slobby girls works.

And you’ve got to love when he freaks out when his buddy Ryan hasn’t made it home from film school at 3:15 a.m. Chet is just “worried sick.”

“My mind is just racing. He could have been hurt. He could have been kidnapped. Something bad could have happened to my friend.”

Sort of makes you feel sorry for Chet’s future children, doesn’t it?

Stay tuned …

Photos: MTV

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