Utahn on "Survivor: Tocantins": Week 3

Tyson Apostol, left, chats with the now-eliminated Jerry. (Photo: CBS)

THREE EPISODES INTO “SURVIVOR: TOCANTINS,” maybe we’re starting to get a handle on Utahn Tyson Apostol.

He seems pretty, well, confident is the nicest way to put it. He thinks he’s hilarious.

And he is definitely smart enough to only say mean things about other contestants when they’re not around — when he’s alone and talking straight into the camera. So I’m thinking some of those fellow contestants are a bit surprised as they see “Survivor” episodes on TV.

Tyson is saddled with a loser tribe, however. Timbira has lost three challenges in a row — often looking silly in the process — and has to vote someone off for the second week in a row.

It is kind of funny that Benjamin “Coach” Wade thinks Tyson is sort of his right-hand man, while Tyson is just playing him.

“He’s not always the best at what he’s coaching, but he thinks he knows the most. He likes his voice to be heard, which is what we all want and need,” Tyson said with a smile.

And when Coach refers to Tyson as his “assistant coach,” the Utahn laughs behind his back.

“He has a little schoolboy crush on me,” Tyson says. “People see that. He loves me. So if I just keep plugging away, I’ll eventually make coach. He may promote me. I don’t know if I’ll have my own team or if we’ll be co-coach(es), or whatever.

“But people are going to start calling me that. I’m actually going to demand it. If we ever get put on separate tribes in this game, I will demand that the other team call me coach, too,” he said with a big smile.

We also learn that Tyson does not like tribesmate Erinn. Clearly.

“To me, it looks like she’s just her to lie and deceive and get ahead any way she can,” says Tyson, who relishes the thought of voting her out.

“Any time there’s a blindside, it’s pretty awesome. Just the look on somebody’s face,” he says. “I think Erinn wants to be here so, so bad that her getting blindsided would look really cool. I love seeing people cry when you crush their dreams.”

Maybe he’s kidding. Maybe not.

Despite his dislike of Erinn, Tyson joins in the vote to eliminate Jerry. (He’s been sick and, thus, hasn’t been help in the challenges.)

But Tyson doesn’t look happy about it.

Stay tuned …

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