LOG's "Wrath"

The CD that I have been most looking forward to this year is out.

Lamb of God’s “Wrath” was unleashed on the public Feb. 24.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Right off the bat, it sounds better than the band’s previous (and overproduced) 2006 CD “Sacrament.”

In fact, “Wrath,” which was released on Epic Records, hearkens back to LOG’s 2003’s “As Palaces Burn” and 2004’s “Ashes of the Wake.”

The arrangement edges are jagged, raw and cutting, unlike the smooth sound of “Sacrament,” but that doesn’t mean the band — vocalist Randy Blythe, drummer Chris Adler, bassist John Campbell and guitarists Willie Adler and Mark Morton — is looking backward.

“Wrath” is the band’s most dynamic of the releases. And, taking cues from pioneering thrash albums such as Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” and Testament’s “The New Order,” LOG opens with acoustic guitar on “The Passing.”

But before the metal-hungry listener begins to panic, the band jumps full force into “In Your Words.”

Syncopated drums and bass and head-to-the-wall banging riffs serve as the perfect silver platter on which Blythe’s rejuvenated and trademark throaty vocals are served.

The fury of “Set to Fail,” “Contractor,” “Fake Messiah” and “Broken Hands” see the band moving forward in sophisticated arrangments and textures. “Dead Seeds,” “Choke Sermon,” “Everything to Nothing” and “Reclamation” are chock-filled with monster-of-metal lyrics that are only magnified by the flame-throwing musicality.

Listeners beware. Like the previous LOG albums, “Wrath” sports the Parental Advisory sticker for strong language. But that’s what the band’s fans expect.

In short, “Wrath” rocks.

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