Classic rock audiences

OK, I know I’m generalizing, but some classic-rock audience members act like spoiled kids.

Throughout my years attending concerts, I have seen more fights at classic-rock shows.

At every Crosby Stills & Nash show I’ve been to there has been some idiot who tries to pick a fight with the people sitting around him. (Yes, all of the instigators have been men).

It happened three times at Wolf Mountain, which is now the Canyons.

At a Yes concert at the E Center, there was an incident when someone was talking during Steve Howe’s acoustic-guitar solo causing a fight.

A few years ago, at the EnergySolutions Arena, which was then called the Delta Center, there was nearly a fight at the concessions stand at a ZZ Top concert when a concertgoer wanted a lid for a Pepsi, but there weren’t any.

“What, can’t Karl Malone earn enough money for you #%&*#!s to get cup lids?” the guy asked. And then he almost took a swing at the concessions sever.

At another ZZ Top concert, there was a mistake in the ticketing and two families, lead by their fathers and sons, got into a tiff.

During a Styx concert at the E Center, the band was throwing beach balls and Styx-logo towels into the crowd, and some guy missed a towel and started yelling and pushing his date, thinking she grabbed his arm.

At that same concert, some rowdy fans started to push and nudge their way to the front of the arena, ignoring the fact the all the seats were reserved. When someone told them to go back to their seats, the interlopers got into the complainers’ faces and started screaming and spitting.

And these are just a few of the incidents I’ve seen. Heaven knows there are more.

However in each of these, security was there within seconds to quell the emotions — or take the offending parties out of the arena.

Not so Saturday night at the Eagles concert at Rio Tinot Stadum.

A group of people a few rows in front of me were angry at the row in front of them for standing.

DUH!!!! This is a rock concert, for Pete’s sake!

Anyway, the people behind those standing shouted for them to sit down. One of the standees turned and said, “You stand up!”

Insults were thrown, chests were heaved out and the pushing began. It escalated as onlookers watched in horror.

Mind you, these weren’t teenagers. They all appeared to be in their 30s, 40s — one had really gray hair.

The surprising thing about this whole incident was the security response time.

It took more than seven minutes before one security guard arrived. She saw what was happening and called for backup.

The pushing, shoving and shouting continued. It took another four minutes before more security personnel to arrive.

And then it took another three minutes for them to get the situation under control.

That’s a long time.

Even reflecting on all the metal shows I’ve attended, I can only remember a couple of fights.

That’s right, the classic-rock audiences, at least what I have seen, seem more apt to fight than metal audiences.

That’s actually kind of funny. Especially when it comes to fans of bands like Crosby Stills & Nash and the Eagles.

I mean, where’s the peace, love and happiness?

I would think there’d be more anger at a Metallica show, but I have, yet, to see a fight at a Metallica show.

I was surprised to see one at a CSN show, but after the second fight in as many shows, I wasn’t surprise to see the third fight.

But this latest incident at the Eagles was ludicrous.

So, you whiny classic-rock fans, and you know who you are, stop acting like 2-year-olds, stand up and enjoy the show.

It’s a rock concert for goodness sake!

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