Seen and reviewed (May 15)

New films in theaters this week:

— “Angels & Demons” (rated PG-13), a “prequel” to “The Da Vinci Code,” starring Tom Hanks.
— “Goodbye Solo” (not rated), a character drama about the friendship between a cabbie and a suicidal man.
— “Sugar” (rated R), a drama about a Dominican Republic baseball prospect. Spanish with subtitles.
— “Tokyo!” (not rated), a trio of tales set in Japan. Japanese with subtitles.

Poster art courtesy Columbia Pictures

The ridiculous and convoluted “Angels & Demons” is also fairly graphic and unpleasant. It suggests what the enjoyably dumb “National Treasure” movies could have been if they didn’t have a sense of humor.

And one of the three segments in “Tokyo!” … a thinly veiled “Godzilla” homage … goes on too long. It’s pretty strange, too, though fans of filmmaker Michel Gondry (“Be Kind Rewind”) will enjoy the first part.

Speaking of strange, the sports drama “Sugar” takes an unexpected turn in the final third. That makes it interesting, as do some good performances.

The week’s best film is the low-key “Solo,” which isn’t as downbeat as its premise might suggest. It’s another film with a solid cast.

Which, if any, of these movies figure into your weekend viewing plans?

“Next Day Air” was not widely pre-screened for critics, but is not getting particularly good reviews. And a locally produced film titled “Fire Creek” was not pre-screened either.

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