Seen and reviewed (May 29)

New films in theaters this week:

— “Anvil! The Story of Anvil” (not rated), a documentary feature about a Canadian heavy-metal band.
— “The Brothers Bloom” (rated PG-13), a con man caper film starring Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz.
— “Drag Me to Hell” (rated PG-13), a horror-thriller starring Alison Lohman as a cursed woman.
— “The Garden” (not rated), a documentary feature about a California community garden.
— “Sita Sings the Blues” (not rated), an animated re-telling of “The Ramayana,” using old blues music.
— “Up” (rated PG), the latest Disney-Pixar animated release. Shown in both the 2-D and 3-D formats.

Both of the documentary features are worth watching. “Anvil!” will please metal music fans, while “The Garden” is very socially conscious.

The diverse animation stylings in “Sita” are dazzling, and the music is integrated very well. As for “Brothers Bloom,” the film does turn too serious at the end. But the performances are very good — particularly the one given by the talented Weisz.

And “Drag Me” is director Sam Raimi’s crowd-pleasing return to the horror genre. It’s as funny as it is scary, though it does get a little splattery at times.

Poster art courtesy Walt Disney Pictures

The week’s best movie is “Up,” which is both poignant and hilarious. It’s yet another triumph for Pixar, which has yet to disappoint.

Which, if any, of these movies fit into your weekend viewing plans?

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