Nowhere but "Up" for Pixar (weekend movie box-office)

The weekend’s top-five movies (totals courtesy of Box Office Mojo):

1. Up
$68.1 million
(Total to date: $68.1 million)
2. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
$24.4 million
(Total to date: $104.2 million)
3. Terminator Salvation
$16.4 million
(Total to date: $90.9 million)
4. Drag Me to Hell
$15.8 million
(Total to date: $15.8 million)
5. Star Trek
$12.6 million
(Total to date: $209.3 million)

The huge opening for “Up” makes the animated feature the 10th hit in a row for the Disney-Pixar team. And good word of mouth and reviews means the film will continue to do well with families and all-ages audiences.

However, the second-week drop-off for the “Night at the Museum” sequel was pretty steep. It was nowhere near the drop-off for the “Terminator” prequel/sequel, though. While the film will top $100 million, it will probably be seen as one of the summer’s bigger disappointments.

Meanwhile, the modestly budgeted “Drag Me to Hell” scared up some business, and “Star Trek” not only topped $200 million, it also took over the box-office lead for the year.

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