Last week I mentioned that my wife Tammy and I bought a house.

We’re still unpacking.

I mean, the bedrooms, living room, bathrooms and kitchen are mostly set up. It’s just the books and CDs.

Music, as you all know, is my life. Not only is it my livelihood, but also my hobby and, as my wife would say, my first love.

So take in consideration that I listen to CDs for a living. Therefore, I have to have CDs. And at last count, I have 10,000 CDs. Now imagine alphabetizing them. I started last night and after two hours, I finished As and part of the Bs.

But it’s not as bad as I make it out to be, because I’m finding CDs that I forgot I had, namely Beck’s “Sea Change,” two Aecoustic Hookah CDs and my original Jeff Buckley “Grace” CD.

The last one means a lot to me. A friend and I saw Buckley at the now-defunct Zephyr Club in 1994 — three years before he died from an accidental drowning. Before the set, we talked with him for a moment and he signed the CD.

Earlier this year, Columbia/Legacy released a deluxe, two-DVD, one-CD collection called “Grace Around the World.” It features Buckley and his band playing live performances of the “Grace” CD as well as the award-winning hourlong documentary “Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley.”

While “Grace Around the World” is captivating, there is still nothing like hearing the studio version of “Grace” with the lights turned low.

As soon as I finish my CDs, I’ll help my wife with her books. And by the looks of the book boxes in our library, she loves them as much as I love CDs.

And that, my friends, is another blog altogether.

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