Customer Surveys and Cash!

If you’ve purchased anything lately, and if you still take your receipt, you’ve no doubt encountered customer surveys.
You know the ones — go to such and such Web site, enter such and such code, within so many days and ‘tell us what you think!’ Not only could you win thousands of dollars, you could receive numerous discounts, ‘fast cash,’ etc.
In addition, if you’re still like me, you haven’t done any of them… Either because you lack the time, or you lack the interest. Perhaps you have good intentions and then you misplace the receipt somewhere between shoving the receipt in your purse to shoving food in your face.
I’m here to help. If you’ve been mildly curious about these surveys, like I have, I’m here to help! Keep checking back. I’m going to be the guinea pig and start doing every survey I get on a receipt (And I seem to come across them a lot). I’ll tell you what they’re like, if I get my promised discounts and, most importantly, if I win $10,000.
So, beginning now, I’m going to complete every survey I come across, within the five-day window and I’ll report back to you as results roll in.
Wish me luck!
$10,000 here I come!

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