Up to the G's

In my ongoing process of trying to get my CD room in order, I’m done through the G’s.

Galactic, Grateful Dead, Jeff Golub, Graham Central Station and the Goop are a few of the CDs I put on the shelves.

So, if you want to get technical, the bands should have been listed in alphabetical order — Galactic, Graham Central Station, Grateful Dead, Jeff Golub and the Goop.

Anyway, reorganizing the CDs have unearthed some gems. In my last blog entry, I mentioned rediscovering Jeff Buckley’s “Grace.”

Well, here’s another of my favorites I had forgotten: Geggy Tah’s 1996 CD, “Sacred Cow.” It features the single “Whoever You Are,” which was played on MTV in the day and eventually became a commercial jingle for Mercedes Benz.

I caught Geggy Tah at the now-defunct Zephyr club back in ’96 when it opened for Dread Zeppelin.

The show was lo-fi, full of energy and leaned toward the quirky side.

The band actually entered the Zephyr in a procession that included an elongated horn and snare. The musicians marched in the front doors, did a few rounds on the dance floor and then jumped on stage and played the gig of their lives.

What an awesome memory!

Anyway, I found “Sacred Cow” buried between Marvin Gaye and Gene Loves Jezebel, and set it aside to put into my iPod.

Next up, the H’s, I’s and J’s.

I wonder if I still have my Hampton Grease Band “Listen to Music to Eat” double disc.

I guess I’ll find out in a couple of days.

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