Doh! One giant uh-oh for mankind

I’m sure some of you are still using VCRs, right?

Join me in a walk down memory lane… Your favorite show started 6 minutes ago (or you got a call from a frantic family member that a certain made-for-tv-movie is about to start, and would you “stick in a tape?”) and none of your tapes are labeled correctly. If you had the time, you’d stick each tape in, one at a time, assess what’s on it, and determine if you can record over it. Remember?

(By the way… if you’re still living this way, I highly recommend getting a DVR… Just sayin’….)

At any rate… That’s sort of what happened to NASA. We’re coming up on the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, the first time man set foot on the moon. For three years, a search team has been going through mass amounts of tapes to try to find the original footage. I mean, this was a REALLY big deal right? The first time man had set foot on the moon… the whole putting an American flag on the moon, giant-step-for-mankind thing.

But, as luck would have it, as satellites began being sent up, they started producing a lot of data that NASA needed to record.

You see where this is going.

Some poor shlub, who got a phone call to “stick in a tape,” went to the shelves of poorly marked magnetic tapes… Not having the time to stick it in and see what was on it… recorded over the first walk on the moon!!

Can imagine?!

NASA is heartsick about saying “nobody’s happy about it.”


As a consolation prize, they are piecing together a lot of the television footage from that day. But, they’re finding the quality isn’t anywhere near what the original footage was.

It reminds me of the time we recorded “Freaky Friday” over the Wedding of Charles and Diana. I think my sister still holds ill will over that one!

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