Seen and reviewed (Sept. 25)

New films in theaters this week:

— “The Baader Meinhof Complex” (rated R), a fictionalized account of German terrorist activities. German with subtitles.
— “Big Fan” (rated R), a comedy-drama starring Patton Oswalt as an obsessive New York Giants fan.
— “Fame” (rated PG), a sequel to/updating of the 1980 musical drama.
— “It Might Get Loud” (rated PG), a documentary profile of guitarist Jack White, the Edge and Jimmy Page.
— “Pandorum” (rated R), a sci-fi/horror film starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster.
— “Surrogates” (rated PG-13), a science-fiction thriller based on the comics mini-series, starring Bruce Willis.
— “White on Rice” (rated PG-13), a locally produced, Asian-culture-centric comedy.

“Pandorum” was not pre-screened in advance for reviews. And “Surrogates” probably shouldn’t have been screened. It’s an awful mess, and Willis looks ridiculous wearing several unflattering hair appliances.

Poster art courtesy Metro-Goldwyn Mayer

As for the “Fame” re-do, it doesn’t have nearly enough music or humor to make up for its bland teen characters, or the overly familiar story lines.

There are some tense moments in “Baader Meinhof Complex,” and some interesting attempts to paint the characters in morally gray shadings. But at two-hours-plus, the film is too long.

“It Might Get Loud” will probably appeal most to music fans, particularly those aficionados of the White Stripes, U2 and Led Zeppelin. It definitely has some amusing bits, though.

Poster art courtesy First Independent Pictures

The week’s best movie is “Big Fan,” which skewers obsessive fandom. And comedian-turned-actor Oswalt acquits himself nicely, in a largely dramatic role.

Which, if any, of these movies fit into your weekend viewing plans?

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