Jon's gone — let's get rid of Kate, too

Don’t cry for us, Kate Gosselin. Dry your tears and get off the stage. (Credit: ABC)

WHY DON’T THE FOLKS AT TLC just put us out of our misery and cancel “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” altogether?

The cable network has announced that they’ve essentially written Jon out of the show, although they can’t write him out of his kids’ lives. Beginning in November, the show will be retitled “Kate Plus Eight.”

The irony is, of course, that over the past few years Jon was home with the kids while Kate was off marketing her books and herself.

Jon remains under contract to TLC, and will make “occasional” appearances on “Kate Plus Eight.”

And the agony continues for anyone who watches this disaster.

Gee, maybe they’re planning to cancel this show one Gosselin at a time. It will be “Kate Plus Seven,” then “Kate Plus Six,” and so on …

Heck, maybe TLC will allow viewers to vote the kids off one at a time until it’s just “Kate.” And Kate Gosselin’s dreams will be fulfilled.

Make it stop! Aiee! It burns my eyes!

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