David Archuleta

A few hours ago, I talked with David Archuleta.

He was in New York taping a TV special that will be aired on Univision on Dec. 10. Anyway, we talked about his Christmas CD “Christmas From the Heart,” and his upcoming two-date concert at Abravanel Hall next week.

He said he was looking forward to coming back to Salt Lake City to perform.

What impressed me was the fact that when I would ask a question, he would sometimes break out in a song that either referred to my question or led into the answer.

One of those questions was about his birthday. He turns 19 on Dec. 28. And he said “My birthday is just around the corner.” And then, in perfect pitch, he launched into “Just Around the Riverbend” from the Disney film “Pocohantas.”

Anyway, he was full of energy and, if not a little scatterbrained, down to earth.

The David Archuleta interview will run in the Deseret News Nov. 20. Check it out online or read it in the newspaper.

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