INXS on My Mind

I don’t know about you, but when I brush my teeth, I don’t stand by the sink. I usually walk through the CD room, which adjoins the bathroom.

As I was looking over the shelves, my eyes zeroed in on my INXS collection –- “Kick,” “X,” “Welcome to Wherever You Are,” etc., and I realized that those CDs weren’t in my iPod.

I made a mental note to do that.

I got to the office today (Jan. 22) and realized that it was the birthday for the band’s original singer, the late Michael Hutchence. He would have been 50.

I sat at my desk for a few seconds this morning thinking about Hutchence and the band, which is currently without a lead singer. (It hasn’t worked with its last singer, J.D. Fortune, since last year.)

The band’s website, <a href=" ” target=”_blank”> , posted a memorial for Hutchence from each of the band members. (Warning, the post by the band’s creative director C.M. Murphy contains profanity.)

I also noticed that the band is donating all of its sales from the digital reissue of the 1982 single “Don’t Change” to the Red Cross Haiti relief effort.

The money will help those who have lost everything due to the earthquake and aftershock, INXS said in a press release from the band’s publicist at the Transfer Media Group.

The song’s digital sales on iTunes and have skyrocketed in the past few days, according to the release.

Although I have “Don’t Change,” which was originally featured on the CD “Shabooh Shoobah,” I’m still going to buy it again.

Happy Birthday, Michael –- we miss you and your voice.

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