Radio at night

The other morning I picked up my youngest child for school.

When she got into the car, she yawned and leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes.

“I’m tired, Daddy,” she said.

I asked her why and she said she was up all night listening to the radio.

“I thought it would help me fall asleep,” she said. “But I kept waiting for the next song and the next song after and the next song, and when I looked at my clock, it was 5 in the morning.”

I laughed. And the reason I did was because I used to do the same thing.

In high school, I had bouts of insomnia, but I always thought if I turned on the radio the music would lull me to sleep.

However, there was (and still is) something seductive about hearing a low-volume stereo radio playing from the other side of a dark room. There’s something hypnotizing about how the green and red equalizer lights bounce in time to the music. And there’s something soothing about hearing your favorite songs – whether it be Styx, Ozzy, Dan Fogelberg or AC/DC – late at nightwhen everyone else in the house is sleeping.

The hard part is falling asleep.

Once a song was over, I kept waiting to hear what the next song would be … and that would last until sometimes 6 a.m. when I had to get up for school.

But there was nothing like hearing Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” or Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” as the sun rose to start the day.

Yeah. I remembered what that was like … and that’s why I laughed.

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