Seen and reviewed (March 19)

New films in theaters this week:

— “The Bounty Hunter” (rated PG-13), a romantic comedy/action tale starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston.
— “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” (rated PG), a live-action adaptation of the popular, cartoon-and-prose children’s books.
— “Hubble 3-D” (rated G), a large-screen documentary short about NASA’s “space telescope.”
— “Red Riding Trilogy” (not rated), a compilation of three British features, loosely based on real-life events.
— “Repo Men” (rated R), a science-fiction thriller starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker.

Poster art courtesy Columbia Pictures

Personal obligations kept me from seeing “The Bounty Hunter,” while a local screening of “Hubble 3-D” conflicted with another movie showing. Word of mouth is awful for the former, while the latter is getting mostly positive reviews nationally.

And “The Red Riding Trilogy” demands a lot from audiences. The whole program is three-hours-plus, and the movies feature some very disturbing material. However, fans of David Fincher’s serial killer thriller “Zodiac” and the HBO series “The Wire” will find a lot to like here.

Poster art courtesy Twentieth Century Fox

The week’s other “wide” releases aren’t much better. “Wimpy Kid” features an unlikable title character and has too much juvenile humor. And “Repo Men” is a bloody mess that rips off earlier, better science-fiction movies — including “Blade Runner” and “Logan’s Run” — and which wastes the talents of its very good cast.

Which, if any, of these movies fit into your weekend viewing plans?

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