Spring is here

So how was everyone’s first day of spring?

My wife and I celebrated by taking a long walk in Liberty Park and driving up Millcreek Canyon.

We also exchanged Vernal Equinox gifts and had a great time enjoying the mild weather and sunshine.

As we were heading up Millcreek, we put in the iPod and found Tingstad and Rumbel’s “Pastorale.”

Eric Tingstad’s acoustic guitar and Nancy Rumbel’s woodwinds are perfect for the drive in the canyons.

In fact, “Pastorale” is the one album that we’ll always turn to no matter what season it is.

It’s perfect for the autumn leaves, the green summer trees, the frosty winter and the snow-melting spring.

We also put in acoustic guitarist Will Ackerman’s “Sound of Wind Driven Rain.”

While all the pieces on that album are soothing and touch the heart, the standout piece for us is “Driving.”

The combination of Ackerman’s intricate guitar work and Charlie Bisharat’s melodic violin makes this the perfect piece to drive the winding canyon roads when you have no particular place to be.

Happy spring everyone!

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