She & Him

Two years ago, the independent music duo She & Him released its debut “Volume One.”

The disc was full of light and easy-on-the-ears songs that were put together by the duo – Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward.

Well, fans, the wait is over. “Volume Two” hit the stores yesterday.

This 13-track CD is a collection of feel-good tunes that reach back to influences such as the Association and Harpers Bizarre.

The song sequence runs like a soundtrack to a carefree day filled with sunshine and ice cream. But that doesn’t mean the songs are trite and trivial.

Ward’s knack for the crafty arrangements add dreamy layers to the duo’s lyrics. And when Deschanel sings, the hustle and bustle of life, takes a breather.

“Thieves” sets the tone with it’s “Only the Lonely” delivery while the two take turns on lead vocals on “Ridin’ in My Car,” which also features some breezy background vocals from Deschanel.

There are also shades of the Beatles’ pop mentality in other songs such as the hop-a-long “I’m Gonna Make It Better” and the toe-tapping “Over It Over Again.”

My favorite tune on the CD is the final track, “If You Can’t Sleep.” This lullaby is best heard in the still of the night when all is quiet in the house and you’re about to drift off the sleep.

The charm of this CD, like its predecessor, is the fact that Deschanel’s voice isn’t polished and over produced. There’s a kind of, um, qurikiness to it all and fans will love it.

Yes. The wait was worth every note on “Volume Two,” but now we have to wait another two years for the next one.

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