Seen and reviewed (March 26)

New films in theaters this week:

— “The Art of the Steal” (not rated), a documentary feature about a Philadelphia art controversy.
— “Chloe” (rated R), a same-sex variation on “Fatal Attraction,” starring Julianne Moore.
— “Greenberg” (rated R), a comedy-drama starring Ben Stiller as a neurotic house-sitter.
— “Hot Tub Time Machine” (rated R), a time-travel comedy starring John Cusack.
— “House” (not rated), a 1977 horror-comedy from Japan. With English subtitles.
— “How to Train Your Dragon” (rated PG), an animated adaptation of the Cressida Cowell novels.

Cash-strapped MGM did not pre-screen “Hot Tub Time Machine” for local critics. Word of mouth is surprisingly OK for the R-rated raunch fest.

And despite its talented cast (Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried), “Chloe” is sleazy and ludicrous. It’s hardly worth any of their time — and certainly isn’t worth the time of audiences.

Poster art courtesy Focus Features

Stiller tries to play his “Greenberg” role in a fairly straightforward fashion. Unfortunately, the character he’s playing is irritating and unlikable. (Co-star Greta Gerwig is a breath of fresh air, though.)

Speaking of irritating, the cultily adored “House” is for Japanese film fanatics only. As for the ambitious “Art of the Steal,” it will get the blood of art lovers boiling.

Poster art courtesy DreamWorks Animation

The week’s best film is DreamWorks’ animated “Dragon,” which is showing in 2-D, 3-D and the 3-D IMAX formats. It’s fun and moves quickly. While it may not be up to the standard of Disney-Pixar, it’s still one of the better movies currently in theaters.

Which, if any, of these movies fit into your weekend viewing plans?

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