Seen and reviewed (Apr. 22-23)

New films in theaters this week:

— “The Back-up Plan” (rated PG-13), a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez as a mother-to-be.
— “Creation” (rated PG-13), a fictionalized drama starring Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin.
— “The Losers” (rated PG-13), a revenge-thriller based on the DC Comics/Vertigo series.
— “Oceans” (rated G), a nature documentary from the makers of “Winged Migration,” and narrated by Pierce Brosnan.
— “Terribly Happy” (not rated), a mystery/thriller about a disgraced cop. Danish with subtitles.
— “A Town Called Panic” (not rated), a clay-animated comedy, based on the earlier television series. French with subtitles.

“Creation” was not pre-screened for local critics. Reviews for the film have been mixed, despite its good cast.

Speaking of good casts, the solid ensemble of “Losers” (including Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, Jason Patric) makes this sketchy action film better than it should be. It still looks like an action-packed music video, though.

Poster art courtesy CBS Films

It’s still considerably better than the crude, potty-humor-obsessed “Back-up Plan,” however. It’s an insultingly stupid film that doesn’t serve Lopez’s talents well at all.

And, while it is creative, “Town Called Panic” wears out its minimal charms in the first 30 minutes. The feature-length film may appeal to younger audiences, and is pretty family friendly.

Poster art courtesy Disneynature

Fortunately, the week does offer two solidly entertaining options. The ironically titled “Terribly Happy” has a couple of bizarre, David Lynchian twists but is more coherent and satisfying than that may sound. (The film also recalls the Coen brothers’ debut film, “Blood Simple.”)

As for “Oceans,” the voice-over narration is unnecessary and is a bit intrusive. But the film is a feast for the eyes. It’s one of the most beautifully shot documentaries in recent memory. Despite a couple of intense animal-attack scenes, it’s appropriate entertainment for viewers of all ages.

Which, if any, of these movies fit into your weekend viewing plans?

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