Phone Tag with George Winston

One of my favorite solo folk pianists is George Winston.

I was introduced to his music by a friend while I was living in Japan. It was the “Autumn” album.

Since becoming a music critic nearly 20 years ago (has it been that long?), I have had the opportunity to interview Winston a few times.

He’s an interesting and complex man who loves music.

We ran into some glitches the last time I was supposed to interview him.

We got the time zones mixed up.

What made it more complicated was that the phone interview was supposed to take place on a Sunday. I was in and out of the house that day and here’s how things went.

1. When we didn’t connect at the designated time, I called him and left a message.

2. I had to leave for a bit, and when I returned, he had called and left a message.

3. I called back and left a message about rescheduling; then I had to leave again.

4. He called back and left a message telling me we could reschedule.

5. I called back and left a message with a time and date; then I had to leave again.

6. He called back and left a message regarding which phone number he should call.

7. I called him back and left a message telling him to call my office number;, then I had to leave yet again.

When all was said and done, we did get it done. And, as always, he was a wonderful interview.

You can read it this Sunday in the Deseret News Arts Section or on line at

While this isn’t the first time the time zones have messed up an interview slot, but this was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had rescheduling.

I do remember mixing up my phone numbers when I was suppose to speak with Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, but that’s another story …

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