When the "big screen" isn't big enough

Chinese director John Woo hasn’t been seen by most U.S. audiences since the 2003 dud “Paycheck,” but he’s planning to come back in a really big way.

Woo announced this week that his next film, a World War II thriller titled “Flying Tigers,” will be shot and shown in the 70mm format, better known these days as IMAX, or large-screen. Most feature films are commonly shot and shown in the 35mm format.

“Flying Tigers” follows Chinese and American pilots who flew missions in the Far East, against their Japanese counterparts during World War II.

In a press release issued by the IMAX Corp., Woo said it has “always been a dream of mine to explore shooting with IMAX cameras and to work in the IMAX format … the strong visual element of this film is incredibly well-suited to the tastes of cinemagoers today.

“Using IMAX for Flying Tigers would create a new experience for the audience and I think it would be another breakthrough for Chinese movies,” he continued.

No casting has been announced, but it’s expected that the movie will begin shooting early next year.

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